We offer 36+ Years Experience. We Don't Just Sit And Listen, We Give You Tools And Information To Help You Recover.

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36 years exp with Eating Disorders and Relationship Issues.
As Mentioned on the Dr OZ Show

Hi , I'm Sue. I’m a licensed therapist. I have a
friendly, open, INTERACTIVE approach to
help my clients with the tools and resources
needed to move on with their life.
Contact me for a free phone consultation.
206-612-3828 or sue@iedinstitute.com

Work with a Nutritionist

Certified Nutritionist specializing in eating disorders and whole person health.

As a Certified Nutritionist, I help people bring more balance, flexibility and joy to their relationship with food. I give clients the tools and practical steps needed to make change happen. My approach is cooperative, kind and uniquely designed for each individual.
Contact me for a free phone consultation. 206-595-0376 or jennifer@iedinstitute.com

What People Say

About Sue

“Common sense and kindness. By combining her healing voice, compassionate spirit and good head for common sense, Sue’s approach made it easy for me to understand my feelings of emptiness. Emptiness turned to excitement - you know, that light bulb moment when it all fits together?”
- Linda

“I started seeing Sue Bates over a year ago for job related anxiety, problems with eating, relationship issues and help dealing with my mother’s terminal illness and death. I had seen many therapists in the past for brief periods of time, eventually discontinuing treatment before receiving any real benefit because I didn’t feel connected. I could immediately tell that Sue was different from all of the other therapists I had seen in the past. I realized that what I needed most was to be held accountable in order to truly grow into an adult. Sue was able to be tough when necessary and compassionate when it mattered most. Along with her guidance through exercises and suggested reading material, I have gained an entirely new understanding of what it means to be an adult and to have a healthy good life. My boyfriend even says that he feels like he is in a relationship with a completely different person! I feel that my treatment with Sue has been the best investment I have ever made. When I think about how full and happy my life is now, compared to how neurotic and anxious I was when I started seeing Sue, I wish I would have found her sooner.”
- Jessica

I really can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance in moving my life where I wanted to take it. It’s such a different kind of feeling to be my own boss and an owner of a company. Just feels exactly right.

I knew that I had issues with emotional eating and relationships growing up but didn’t feel comfortable talking to family and friends about these issues. I stumbled onto Sue and thank goodness. Sue has a way of helping you identify your problems and then to teach you to problem solve these issues. This approach allows me to move forward with an experienced insight to a happier life. She never has made me feel bad, uncomfortable or sorry about my decision to seek experienced help. Sue has helped point me in the right direction.
-Jessica A

Working with the maps was definitely as eye-opening experience for me. Initially I was very intimidated by the maps; and I didn’t think I wanted to relive the past or focus on things I was unhappy with in my daily life. However, I found this experience to be incredibly positive. The maps walk you through your past, present, and future, and help you realize what events have had a significant impact on you, how satisfied you are with certain aspects of your life, and they help you focus on what you really, really want out of life. Writing on the maps was helpful, because it lets you visualize everything as a whole, as opposed to just thinking about it. The maps helped me realize what I really want out of life, and made me excited about the future. Talking through the maps with Sue was definitely valuable, because I was able to go into more detail about what I wrote with her, and through our discussions I was able to elaborate even more on the maps. I think anyone and everyone could benefit from working with the maps.
-Amy K.

About Jennifer

“My appointment with Jennifer was the single most positive “medical” experience I’ve had in my forty-two years of life. Not only in regards to my weight issue, but my health in general…

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